Sensor for wave front measurement of radiation based on Shack-Hartmann principle


  • Messtechnik

We propose the sensor for Russian manufacture. This sensor is intended for wave front measurement of radiation and based on Shack-Hartmann principle. There is an opportunity to expand the sensor output parameters by scientifically investigations and modern developing of computer technique and microelectronic. Like an interferometer it measures wave front phase and like a beam analyzer it can give us also the beam profile in focus and beam quality.

Some wave front applications are:
  • measurement of laser beam parameters: phase and beam quality;
  • adaptive optical system;
  • atmospheric adaptive optics and laser communications;
  • measurement of vortex fields;
  • large aperture optics test;
  • optical devises adjusting;
  • retinal imaging and eye aberrations.
Our group works together about five years. We design the hardware and software of the sensor. Our sensors were tested in investigations of high-power fs laser systems, bimorph mirrors and crystals.

Now our sensor is ready for commercial using. We can produce a low cost sensor and adapt the sensor for any tasks in minimal time interval. According to our experience and market analysis we believe that such sensors are required for our and foreign science, medicine and industry.