Film-and paper based materials for non-expensive offset print forms (MOPF)


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The film- and paperbased materials destined for production of non-expensive offset printforms (MOPF) by means of laser printing. These materials consist of a flexible film (polymer) or paper base and receiving layer susceptible to toner of laser printer. The main components of receiving layer are polymer binder, inorganic filler and crosslinker. The adhesion of toner to receiving layer is very good and a finishing thermotreating of image during 5-10 min. at 80-90 oC allow to produce a high quality printforms having printing circulation about several thousand imprints.

The end aim of offering work is an organisation of MOPF production. The necessity of this production determined by a quick expansion on Russian market of non-expensive small formate offset printing machines.

The main parameters determining the qualitative characteristics of materials are:
  1. The thickness of reseiving layer: 4-7 mkm.
  2. The quality of laser image: absence of toner shades and transparent perforations.
  3. The distinctive efficiency corresponds to employing laser printer.
  4. The printing circulation of printforms:
    • film based - not less than 4000 imprints;
    • paper based - not less than 2000 imprints.
The available on Russian market imported MOPF are more expensive on 10-15% as compared with the corresponding Al-based printing forms.

The tests of laboratory prepared specimens of MOPF discover a possibility of creation of qualitative film- and paper based MOPF, that will be 1,5-2,0 times cheaper than corresponding Al-based printing forms. After finishing of this work the MOPF production will be not less than 200000 sq.m per year. Inasmuch as small printing production market is constantly extended the demand of MOPF will be quickly increased.