Development of the production technology of backteriochlorophyll - an active substance of new generation drugs for photodynamic therapy of a cancer.


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The idea of treatment of cancer diseases with the help of photodynamic therapy is not new. However building of the efficient photosensitizers having high selectivity in relation to struck issues, not rendering harmful influence on the able-bodied cells, patient easily introduced into an organism and is fast from him removed remains a stumbling-block in development of this range of medicine. As active substances of the medicinal preparations used now in photodynamic therapy natural and synthetically porphyrins are used. In opinion of experts the efficient and safe photosensitizer, allowing to lift treatment of tumoral diseases on quality new level backteriochlorophyll - dye of purple bacteria is. However his abjection from natural objects is extremely difficult. To tell enough, that the commodity price of this porphyrin compounds 60000 $ for gram. Therefore the idea of the organization of small tonnage production of the backteriochlorophyll, underlying the present application was never considered in the practical plan.

Combination of a know-how which the applicant and which did not become a subject of patenting only in connection with ease of detour of the patent legislation has, allows to simplify and reduce the price essentially of process of abjection and clearing of backteriochlorophyll and to organize his production by power up to 2 kg one year that will ensure up to 60 thousand doses of a medicinal preparation.

Samples obtained by us in milligram amounts of backteriochlorophyll on the quality indicators of the potential consumer, the sire of the most modern drug - "Photoditazine" which is very much interested in the prompt yield on the market with a photosensitizer of new generation and with which there is a pre-award arrangement on delivery of backteriochlorophyll by us in amounts up to 2 kg one year for the sum up to 20 million roubles and investment in the design 6 million roubles quite arrange.