Development of a non-polluting method for the production of P-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA)


The p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) is demanded in various spheres of activity. It is used as semiproduct and the modifier in synthesis of heat-resistant polymers: polyamides and polyimides, in turn finding applications in aviation materials, microelectronic; in synthesis anaesthetics. The designated demand and a multiorientation of application PABA enable commercialisation the project.

The given project is aimed at development technology providing reception PABA high quality. During performance of research and development parameters of carrying out of process will be optimized and is developed High-tech from the point of view of ecological appeal and availability of raw material.

Authors of the project develop a way of reception PABA by a non-polluting method, in the soft conditions, providing a high degree of cleanliness of a product (the maintenance of the basic substance not less than 99,5 %). The offered way has a number of advantages before analogues: non-polluting reagents (oxygen and hydrogen) are used; water, as solvent; softer conditions of carrying out of process; accessible, recycled catalysts.

The brief list of works at performance of the project (term 3 years): the first year - carrying out of research and development (working off of conditions of carrying out of process (two chemical stages) on skilled installation, working off of recycling of waste products, regeneration of catalysts, working off of the technological scheme of manufacture, development of production schedules of reception PABA, release of an experimental batch of a product); in the second year - the organization of manufacture (installation of equipment, starting-up and adjustment works, test and the coordination of installation, release; in the third year release PABA and realization to consumers is planned

Copyrights are proved. Planned will allow to modify a method aside manufactures, to raise his efficiency. Licensing of manufacture PABA is not required