Transformation of natural integral coniferous wood into the state of superelasticity


  • Neue Materialien

This project realizes the transformation of natural integral coniferous wood into the state of superelasticity with the subsequent moulding, pressing, rolling and drawing into the products of a given cross - section and from with the simultaneous sealing to the density of ligneous matter.

The resulting material acquires strength and hardness of steel 3. Modified wood produced in this way, has the density which is 5.5 times lower than that of steel. In the future the new material can substitute up to 90% of currently used nonferrous metals and such non- metallic composed materials as textolite and wood laminates in the production of sliding bearings and other friction parts.

Modified wood can partially substitute aluminium, steel, including the alloy steel, and glass- fibre - reinforced plastic in the production of building constructions and metal parts for tractors, tanks, cars, and other mechanisms. It can be widely used in rail road transport, mining, metallurgical and chemical industry as well as on the plants of military complex.

New technology is partially defended by the patent of invention of the Russian Federation given out July 2004 and the final defence is planned for 2005.

Given project supposes as its final stage the organization of large scale modified wood production, with its subsequent introduction in all branches of industry.