Development of the microprocessor with register-stack architecture


As a result of performance of research and development the architecture of the processor focused on high qualitative programming and should be developed is created the original, patent-pure nucleus of the specialized 16-digit RISC-microprocessor intended for construction of some devices with system of safety on a crystal (terminals of payment systems, cash techniques (technical equipment), biometric monitoring systems of access and so forth). Essential difference of new development is that devices created on the basis of the microprocessor combine high efficiency (up to 100 million operations in sec.) also meet the Russian requirements on information safety. During performance of work reception of the patent for topology of the microprocessor is supposed.

Commercial use of foreign microprocessors in structure of similar devices is limited or the Russian legislation (for the state application), or economic feasibility (cost of the license for manufacture of a microprocessor nucleus makes not less than 500 thousand US dollars).

Strategic problem commerce received scientifically technical results is the output by 2008 on manufacture and sale about 100-300 thousand pieces of various devices one year in structure of which the new microprocessor will be used. Predicted life cycle of the microprocessor in the market - ten years. Total amount of sales for five years of manufacture - the order 2 million pieces. The price of one microprocessor in structure of the specialized device - 100 roubles. Thus, the expected total proceeds under the project will make 200 million roubles. It is planned to create about 12-15 new workplaces.

For performance of the project the team from the high quality experts who are possessing experience of carrying out of similar projects is created (including teamwork), capable qualitatively and precisely in time to perform all necessary works under the project, both on development, and on the organization of manufacture, promotion of a product on the market, sales, protection of the intellectual property, on the organization of management of the project as a whole.

Terms of performance of the project: The required volume of financing from means of Fund makes 4500 thousand roubles. Own and independently involved investment means of 5500 thousand roubles the Share of Fund in total amount of financing of the project makes 45 %.