Development of a universal AC converter-fed motor for a new type of hand electrical tools


Development and basement of a serial manufacturing of the new-class manual electronic instrument based on Brushless DC motor having an original construction.

Range of electrical tools is huge and includes saws, drills, planes etc. In all serially produced hand electrical tools the commutator motor is used as a driving element, that precludes continuous run working, decreases its lifetime and control possibilities. Alternatively, AC converter-fed motor with permanent magnet stimulation may be used.

Development of a universal AC converter-fed motor for a principally new type of hand electrical tools is a problem concerning mahanotronic technologies and requires complex and simultaneous solution of various problems of optimization of electromechanical transducers parameters. This is in close connection with semiconductor controlling system, which guarantees contact free energy conversion and high control sensitivity.

The development of an original integrated structure together with a control system, which does not require double energy conversion and which is also constrained to have high energy conversion efficiency, minor weight and low costs, is only possible by multi-criteria optimization and development of complex design and test methodology for an AC converter-fed motor being a part of electrical hand tool.

The innovative core of this project is creation of a professional angle-grinding-and-polishing machine that would be first of the kind on the world market. It will be created on the basis of an AC converter-fed motor with possible further transfer of the basic structure onto different kinds of professional electro-equipment.

The major advantages of such professional electric equipment are: Feasibility of this project is supported by the significant accumulated experience in research, development and mass production of hand electric equipment for dental mechanics (dental drilling machine) as well as by the interest demonstrated by the potential investor.