Dynamic flow metres disk (DFD)


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Now in many industries and on transport it is important to adjust the exact account of consumption of power resources. It concerns to various thermal installations, both stationary, and transport purpose. Besides in the various certified centres appropriate metrological maintenance is required, one of which major elements are the devices capable with necessary accuracy to measure volume running of a liquid or gas and precisely to fix their charge.

Dynamic flow meters disk (DFD) are devices of interbranch application and can be used as means of measurement of high accuracy in mechanical engineering, metrology, in chemical, food, petroleum and газоперерабатывающей branches. The greatest economic benefit of introduction DFD can be received at the commercial account of the charge or volume of liquids and gases, for example, in refueling engineering (gaz stations and refuelling trucks), in aviation refueling engineering, at tankers and railway tanks, in gas and liquid-fuel boiler-houses where frequently till now the basic means of measurement of volume is the measured rod.

Measuring instruments of the charge and volume of potential competitors - FIRMS DAAN-FOSS, KROHNE, FAS, ENDRESS+HAUSER and of some others, considerably concede DFD on accuracy, adaptability to manufacture of a design and are narrowly specialized.

The existing and widely widespread flowmeters of chamber type have a number of essential, key lacks: presence of the distributive equipment which usually is a source of noise, pulsations and hydraulic losses, almost on the order smaller durability as at their designs, as a rule, there are pairs friction "metal - metal". Also lack of many domestic and foreign flowmeters is high sensitivity pollution of environment, is especial to domestic gasolines.

The basic advantage offered DFD is high accuracy of measurements, small inertia of rotating parts, durability and reliability. Flow meters work in a wide range of working charges and pressures, have a simple design and high durability. Details of flow meters are collected from strong materials, have no direct contact among themselves as are executed with controllable guaranteed backlashes. For this reason high accuracy of measurements and full absence wear out in interfaces of details is reached.

The urgency and scientific novelty of the project consists in development and research of models of various types DFD, methods and the means of their checking providing necessary serviceability of these devices. The concept of the multi-purpose gauge of the charge covering all possible spheres of application as in the industry, and transport for the first time is developed.

Scientific bases of essentially new way of measurement of the charge of streams of any liquids and gases were developed.

On a tentative estimation of a potential commodity market which was carried out by participants of the project, the market capacity of flow meters of such class in Russia and the countries of the CIS makes not less than on 300 million roubles only for transport (automobile, railway, river), without taking into account the power and chemical enterprises of Russia and the enterprises abroad.