Creation of SMEs for production of disk for electronic power devices


  • Elektronik

The purpose of the project is the creation of small enterprise for production of disks for electronic power devices. It is provided with the solution of following concrete tasks:
  1. The development of technology of obtaining high-density, fine-grained disks based on molybdenum and aluminium nitride powders by hot-pressure method.
  2. Research and development of technological principles of obtaining the high purity aluminium nitride powder, ways of a decrease of temperature of an elevated-temperature compaction for obtaining items from an aluminium nitride. Analysis of phase structure, main mechanical properties of the obtained samples.
  3. Creation of experimental production of molybdenic disks for power electronic devices (thyristors), laminas of an aluminium nitride for effecting printed circuit cards.
Within the framework of the project the organization of series production molybdenic disks applied in high-current electric devices, and also experimental production of aluminium nitride is supposed.

For this purpose it is required to execute mounting and adjustment of an indispensable equipment; to create technology of a commercial production of items from a powders, to elaborate ways of obtaining of an aluminium nitride and "know-how" of items from it, to conduct marketing researches of a commodity market and to conclude the agreements of delivery of production on 2006-2008 years.

As a result of fulfilment of activities within the framework of the project the new effective technology of a hot pressure sintering of refractory metals and compounds will be introduced.

The preliminary analysis of demand of an interlayer is obtained. There are inquiries from many domestic (and countries of CIS) of power solid state devices plants.