Development of multifunctional biosensor devices

The project is aimed at the development of portable multifunctional sensor device integrated to personal computer (like web camera) with special software. The main operational principle is the mass detection with the sensitivity up to 10-18 g. Such sensitivity permits to detect residual concentrations of gaseous and vapor reagents in air or to weigh up an individual bacteria cell or even a protein molecule (until now it was possible to perform using only indirect methods). It is also possible to register the adsorption kinetics by a single micro-particle. Ultra high sensitivity is among one of the device advantages. Multi functionality and low cost is among other features of the device.

Possible applications lies in the field of medical diagnostics, for example, antibody or antigen pick-up. The sensors may be used as nano-weighs for the measurement of the micro-particle mass (e.g. bacterial cells), or as sensitive gas, vapor and smoke detectors. The sensor can be used in air or in liquid environment.

The whole sensor device comprises a sensor, mechanical chamber, electronic acquisition system, computer control unit and sophisticated software. The sensor device may be controlled remotely, e.g. via Internet or local network. The sensor device can operate in two main modes:
  1. direct mass measurements (preferable for air)
  2. direct surface tension measurements (preferable for liquids).
The expected sensitivity is of the order of 10-18 g.

The sensor device may be used as a base system for independent construction of specific sensor for those, who is engaged in new sensor development.