circulatory support system

The application of circulatory support systems in patients with severe heart failure after open heart surgery


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Cardiac surgery is characterized by more severe condition of patients nowadays. The congenital heart defects, earlier considered as inoperable, are now estimated as potentially curable. More complicated and traumatic operations are performing. And this determines the severity of postoperative period, characterized by heart failure. Modern pharmacologically methods of postcardiotomy heart failure treatment are not always sufficient. Nowadays, the application of different circulatory support systems in the early postoperative period is the actual problem at the treatment of severe postcardiotomy heart failure. For Russia this is especially actual, because of imperfect development of cardiologic service. Frequently, patients enter in cardiosurgical hospital in the extremely advanced condition, which is characterized by the evident clinical presentations of severe heart failure.

The similar problems are available both for the adult patients and for children. Recently, the whole arsenal of different circulatory support systems is elaborating and actively applying in clinical practice.

The most actual and crucial subjects of co-operation can be:
  • The use of intraorganic balloon counterpulsation (IABP) in pediatric patients
  • The use of left-ventricular bypass in patients with severe left ventricular failure (adult, pediatric)
  • The use of biventricular support systems in patients with severe heart failure (adult, pediatric)
  • The use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in children with severe heart-respiratory failure
  • The use of implantable left ventricular assist devices in patients with critical left ventricular failure (adult, pediatric)
The suggested program of co-operation will allow to form clinical algorithms of definition of the indications and contraindications to application of mechanical circulatory support systems. Also, this program will allow to define expediency and efficiency of usage the systems.

We hope, that such co-operation will offer a great opportunity to our specialists to keep abreast of the latest developments in the expertise and would be useful to all participants of the project.