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1. Principles

Completely optical switchboards - the high technology, allowing to speed up data exchange in global networks. The essence of technology will consist in reception optical signal on input and its transfer on outputin the optical form, without transformation in to electric signal. Removalthe electric part of the switchboard is capable to speed up work of switchboards noticeably.

Optical switches (with electrical cores) as well as photonic switches.

Now, the some large companies have development of optical switchboards, realized on various physical principles:
  • "Calient Networks", 288- channel switchboard "DiamondWave PX", uses technology of micro-mirrors with micro-electromechanical drive. Switching time typical - 10 ms.
  • "Mitsubishi Electric", the 16-channel fibre-optical cross-switchboard using technology"Bascule optical switch".
  • "Fujitsu Laboratories"and"Fujitsu Limited" 80-channel the optical switchboard using for switching of channels micro-miniature mirrors. Speed of switching of channels makes 1 ms.
  • The prototypes switchboards have:
    • "Corvis Corporation",
    • "Lucent Technologies",
    • "Alcatel",
    • "Marconi Communications",
    • "Nortel Networks",
    • "NEC"and"Sien%"

2. New type photonic switches

We develop the new type, 4 - channel optical switchboard, with electromechanical principle switching of channels. In a basis of design - the consecutive work two identical switching modules: DRIVE 1 and DRIVE 2

The module represents electromechanical device, carrying out switching optical channels, by their direct mechanical contact: entrance motionless group (INPUT 1\ 2\ 3\ 4), fixed on a payment (1) and mobile target contact (5), fixed on a rotary platform (2).

Rotation platform is carried out by special servo-driver"DIGISCAN", developed by us. The servo-drive is constructed on the basis of the precision analog engine, covered with a highly effective feedback on a corner. Work a servo-drive is carried out from the internal controller, having the standard external interface.

There are no basic restrictions for development 24 - channel switchboards

Application Fields:
  • high-definition (HDTV) imaging, streaming video, video-on-demand
  • switching of radiation of fiber lasers
  • automated fiber management

The additional information:
The servo-driver"DIGISCAN"is used us in the laser scanning head, accessible for commercial use.